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Mold Inspection in Miami-Dade County

If you aren’t looking for a mold inspector in Miami then after reading the next the article you may want to reconsider your position and start searching for Mold inspection companies in Miami.

Many people take it upon themselves to collect samples of their own mold because it can be far less expensive than hiring a professional mold inspector in Miami to do it instead, however, if you choose to do it yourself you will not be able to get samples from all the places where mold could be growing undetected. Properly trained mold inspectors in Miami are well informed on the current established guidelines and effective practices for mold testing including the type of mold that hides within the walls, attic, and basement. It is very important to remember that mold grows naturally and therefore only a professional mold inspection companies can determine if the levels of indoor mold exceed the normal amount.

When you are selling your home you are legally required to conduct a very thorough mold inspection and disclosed that information to potential buyers and if you have previously dealt with a mold problem in the past, some buyers will have certain concerns about that and eventually may be reluctant to close the deal or their final offer might be not quite what you were asking for. Even after you used a mold inspector to get rid of your mold problem you may still want to schedule regular appointments to have the inspector evaluating how the remediation process is going this way you will get all the proper documentation proofing that your home was examined by a professional and all mold was successfully removed. If you want potential buyers to feel more comfortable about purchasing your home, you are going to need to this documentation which is only provided when you hire the services of a professional mold inspection company in Miami. 


Homeowner Mold Inspection

Now, selling your home should not be the only reason to test and see if you have a mold problem, as a matter of fact, there are plenty of reasons why you as a homeowner need to schedule regular check-ups from a mold inspector in Boca Raton, especially if you notice any of the following issues: 

  • Moldy/Musty odor. (Especially after heavy rain and your home got flooded and during hot and extremely humid weather.)
  • Multiple stains or discoloring in the walls and ceilings.
  • Leaks from windows.
  • Lack of proper maintenance to the siding.
  • Chronic leaks from the ceiling and pipes.
  • Exposed building materials to excessive moisture for prolonged periods of times.
  • Allergic reactions like a running nose, constant sneezing, and itchy eyes.


After hiring the services of a mold inspection company an inspector will be dispatch to your home to conduct a very thorough search of the floors, walls, ceilings, attics, rugs, crawl spaces, basements, and even the air looking for any signs of mold. If the levels of mold exceed the normal levels then you will be advised to hire a mold remediation company so you can get rid of all the mold completely in a safe and effective way. In order to make sure the remediation was successful you will be required to schedule a second inspection.

If you bought a home with a previous mold problem, you may want to give the documentation to the mold inspector so he can attend the areas that were previously affected first, this is a good way to save both money and time, and also to improve yours and your family’s health, don’t forget that mold has a strong negative impact on our overall health.

Mold Testing

  • Air Sample
  • Wall cavity air samples
  • Surface samples (bulk material, tape lift, swab)

Mold Inspection

  • Thorough mold investigation of your property designed to identify instances of moisture intrusion and to detect mold
  • Our findings, conclusion, and recommendation are assembled into a written report
  • We use the latest moisture detection equipment, digital hygrometers, Zefon BioPumps and Zen Air-O-Cells

    Buying or Selling Property? 

    Don’t sell real property with undisclosed water or mold issues or risk selling property with a possible mold or moisture problem.  Engage Mold Man of South Florida to perform a mold inspection to reduce your liability.

    • Don’t consider buying property with existing mold problems.  This could reduce the value of the property, subject the occupants to mold related health problems, force you to pay large mold remediation costs and could make the property difficult to insure or sell.

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