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Mold Inspection in Broward County

Are you planning to buy a home in Broward county Florida? If so, then you really need to consider hiring the services of mold inspections companies in Broward County. The thing with mold inspection is that they work differently than any other type of house inspections. The cost and time of a mold inspection will depend on the size of the house. So, if you are wondering how much will cost you to conduct a thorough mold inspection in your soon-to-be home and whether or not it is worth it to conduct such inspection and testing, our company is here to tell you that there are a number of cases in which you may want to seriously consider hiring our professional services to inspect your home. Keep on reading to find out when a mold inspection is actually needed it.

In simpler terms mold is a common type of fungi and like all types of fungi, it grows on humid, moist places. The way mold spreads throughout our house is through the emission of microscopic particles, single-cell organisms called “spores.” They float around in the air until they land on a surface, we can even breath them in without knowing and allowing for dangerous toxins to grow in our lungs causing life-threatening conditions like pneumonia or bronchitis. We can find mold spores anywhere indoors as well as outdoors. Truthfully speaking there is no way to get rid of all the mold spores in a home unless you install a cutting edge industrial filtration system. What we do is remove all the mold from your home dropping the levels of spores in the air until they are no longer in a harmful concentration.

Remember the only way spores can become mold is if they land on a moist surface, this means that if you can keep your home’s interior dry you will avoid suffering from a mold infestation problem. Make sure to clean up every spill, repair any leaks on the roof, pipes, or HVAC system, also, make sure that your kitchen and bathroom are properly ventilating moisture out of the house.


 Our mold inspectors in Broward County will tell you that there are two powerful reasons to hire a mold inspection company to clean up and remove all the mold growing in your home. First mold damages all the surfaces it grows on and secondly and perhaps the most important reason of all a prolonged exposure to mold has a deteriorating impact in your health and may leave you suffering from life-long illnesses.


When Should You Inspect For Mold?


The one “good” thing about mold is that is visible if you have a mold problem and you know where to look you will see the troublesome invader destroying your carpeting, rugs, or drywall. Sometimes, all it takes is for a simple visual inspection on behalf of the inspector to detect where the mold is in your home. There are a few situations that will most likely prompt you to hire a professional mold inspector in Broward County to inspect your home in search of any problematic mold in your home.

  1. Water Damage. If your basement tends to flood during the rainy season or your roof has leaks or a pipe broke and spread water all over the place, then you really need to call a mold inspector. Virtually any place in your home that got wet and was not dried up within 24-hours could potentially be housing growing mold right under your nose.
  2. Buying a new home. If you are planning on buying a new home, you have no way of knowing for certain what kind of water damage the house may have suffered in the past. The only way to find out for sure if the house has a mold infestation is to do a mold inspection.
  3. An unoccupied house. An unoccupied house that has been close-up for months or years may have succumbed to the horrors of humidity resulting in creating the perfect environment for mold to grow. This is a problem, especially in warmer climates with high levels of humidity.
  4. At the end of a remediation process. If you have recently paid thousands of dollars for a mold remediation process and went through the entire ordeal that means getting rid of a mold infestation, then you may want to schedule regular mold inspection to make sure you are mold-free.
  5. Visible mold. If you begin to notice green, white, blue, and black spots growing in your walls, rugs, carpet, or any other porous and humid surface, call one of our mold inspectors in Broward County to inspect your home. Striking first allow you to contain the mold from spreading and preventing any serious damage to your health.

If you are dealing with a mold problem and you don’t know what to do, chances are you turn to the internet to look for information, researching everything you can about mold, inspection companies, services, and costs, then you probably came across these two options: Mold Inspection and Mold Testing.

A mold inspection’s mission is to identify whether or not there is mold present and determine the size of the problem, measuring it in square footage.

Mold testing helps to identify what type of mold you are dealing with as well as the levels of spores spread in the air, it also determines the levels of toxins.

Whether you want to do a mold inspection or mold testing, our qualified team of mold inspectors in Broward County in compliance with National and International regulations will be the best ally in your fight against a mold infestation. We only work with the best brands in the market, you can be certain that no matter where that mold hides, our inspectors will find it and will get rid of it causing the least amount of disruption around your home and causing the least amount of damage to the property.


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