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Mold Inspection, Cleanup, Remediation, and Restoration.
Keep your home or business mold free, and your family, customers, or guest safe.

Residential Mold Inspection

We have an extensive experience in mold inspection as well as in mold remediation. Get the best mold inspection now. Call Mold Man for your home mold inspection and solve your home mold problem.

Commercial Mold Inspection

Mold in businesses is a common issue that affects the employees as well as customers and visitors. Keep them all safe. We provide and extensive and reliable mold inspections, and provide effective remediation solutions that will leave you worry free.

Working with Insurance companies

Our inspectors are very knowledgeable and have much experience communicating and dealing with the insurance companies for the mold remediation. If you want a strong mold inspection company to back you up, Mold Man is the solution.

Mold Inspection Lazy Lake​ FL

Many people take it upon themselves to collect samples of their own mold because it can be far less expensive than hiring a professional mold inspector instead. However, if you choose to do it yourself you will not be able to get samples from all the places where mold could be growing undetected. Mold Man of South FL employs inspectors that are well informed on the current established guidelines and effective practices for mold testing including the type of mold that hides within the walls, floors, attics and basements. It is very important to remember that mold grows naturally and therefore only a professional mold inspection companies can determine if the levels of indoor mold exceed the normal amount. Mold inspection Lazy Lake FL.


Why Inspecting for Mold?

Now, selling your home should not be the only reason to test and see if you have a mold problem, as a matter of fact, there are plenty of reasons why you as a homeowner need to schedule regular check-ups from a mold inspector in Boca Raton, especially if you notice any of the following issues:

  • Moldy/Musty odor. (Especially after heavy rain and your home got flooded and during hot and extremely humid weather.)
  • Multiple stains or discoloring in the walls and ceilings.
  • Leaks from windows.
  • Lack of proper maintenance to the siding.
  • Chronic leaks from the ceiling and pipes.
  • Exposed building materials to excessive moisture for prolonged periods of times.
  • Allergic reactions like a running nose, constant sneezing, and itchy eyes.

What to Expect

After hiring the services of a mold inspection company, an inspector will be dispatch to your home or place of business to conduct a very thorough inspection. This inspection includes a search of the floors, walls, ceilings, rugs, basements, and even the air, looking for any signs of mold. If the levels of mold exceed the normal levels, then you will be advised to hire a mold remediation company so you can get rid of all the mold, in a safe and effective way. In order to make sure the remediation was successful you will be required to schedule a second inspection.


Mold Inspection Lazy Lake FL | Mold Inspection, Remediation & Restoration

Mold Inspection Lazy Lake​ FL | Mold Inspection, Remediation & Restoration

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